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Promoting nutrition, alternative healthcare, networking, and transport to give animals every chance at a better life. We believe that all animals regardless of condition and circumstances, deserve a right to a full and good life, and our goal is to build a sanctuary for those animals that require a lifetime of care and protection.



Oil is an older cat that loves to be cuddled. He gets along with other cats and is ok with dogs but will bop another cat that takes away attention from him. Oli has cataracts in both eyes now but can see enough to get his home figured out. He does have a sensitivity to canned food and can only have a teaspoon full or he can not hold it down. He is a big lap cat.

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Rikket (born approximately mid-July 2023) was an owner surrender after his foster parents came across him in an unhealthy state. He was underweight, very dehydrated, covered in fleas, and limping. Right away, he showed just how smart and loving he is.

Rikket is very food motivated which makes training quite easy. He quickly picked up the common commands, and his foster parents continue to improve on them every day. This smart boy has gone beyond the basic commands, picking up on a few extra commands, as well. Performing his shake trick is his proudest moment! He is also crate trained and potty trained.

This sweetie loves to cuddle and nap with his humans, giving hugs and kisses. Rikket does well with his foster familiy's cat and dog, but he is still a playful puppy and continues to need some work on jumping/mouthing other pets.

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Shores of the Mitten Animal Rescue and Transport (dba SMART Paws) is an animal rescue in the Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan that was established in 2015. As a rescue, we are currently operating in foster-based homes and are limited solely by the number of homes we have available. In addition to increasing our ability to take in and care for animals that we plan on placing in suitable, loving homes, our long term goal is to build a sanctuary for animals that require lifetime care and protection. Currently we are expanding our foster network, building relationships with other rescues and shelters, developing community education outreach programs, and providing rehabilitation services for wildlife that we are allowed by state law to take in. In our sanctuary, we plan to design and create environments that are optimal for the individual needs of animals with plenty of human interaction and lots of space to explore, play, and rest. We will also focus on sound animal nutrition and optimal health care practices. SMART Paws is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 



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PO Box 1021, Midland, MI 48641

Facebook: SMART Paws


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