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Check out the condos inside of Feeder's Pet Supplies in Midland, Michigan              to visit some of our adoptable cats & kittens! (formerly Soldan's)

Cats Destined to Stay with SMART Paws in the Sanctuary or Current Foster Home





Macchiato, Chai, and Java came with two other siblings as 6 month-olds that were trapped. While their one sister and brother were tamed and adopted, these three never came around. While they all come out and walk around their foster mom’s feet when she is feeding them, and she is able to touch Java and Chai at times, she cannot pick them up, and Macchiato hisses and lashes out if anyone tries to pet him. These three will come to the feral run at SMART Paws sanctuary when it is completed where they will have a great life and lots of room to roam safely.


Chipster was a kitten with SMART Paws that was returned after a few
years due to a megacolon diagnosis. When he was returned, he was
slowly weaned off all medications and put on a raw diet. He has done
remarkably well on this diet, but he only uses his litter box to urinate.
As a result, he is not adoptable unless there is a very special person
out there that is okay with him not utilizing a litter box for all
elimination. However, he has his forever home with SMART Paws.


Kitzi was diagnosed with an external

hepatic liver shunt at age 5 months. 

She was given 2 months to 2 years to live.
She had full-blown seizures a
couple times of week and lots of head pressing and drooling.

She also only weight 2 ½ pounds until 1 ½ years old. With the pursuit of alternative medicine, this little girl is now 7 years old in 2022 and
weights 5 ½ pounds. 
While she still has occastional seizures, they are much less

frequent and less severe. However, she will never be adoptable to the general public
because she continues to need 
lifetime care

with alternative medicine.

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