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Smart Paws is a small but fiercely determined group of animal lovers.  

Fostering for Smart Paws saves lives - we have rescued kittens, puppies, dogs, cats, rats, rabbits, fish, mice, reptiles, and more.   

Volunteering at our fund raisers helps us best care for the animals we have  

and gets us closer to our dream of a sanctuary for those animals that are not able or unlikely to be adopted. 

We are always learning, sharing new animal related information,  

and seeking the best ways to care for animals with a variety of health and behavioral challenges.  

We don't give up on animals - they rely on us to be their advocate, their voice, and it is our mission to be steadfastly present for them. 

Join us - your friends and family may tire of your animal stories but we won't  ;)


Cute Kittens
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